Remote Health Monitoring with Wearable non-Invasive Mobile System
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Contemporary advancements in e-textile and mobile telecommunications technologies have opened ways for the development of new services with applications in health-care. The shirt, sweater, coat can be a computing devise. One would imagine clothes to aid people with kinetic problems or coats retaining constant temperature under varying climatic conditions or even shirts monitoring physiological indicators of individuals with chronic diseases. The range of related applications may include as well persons in perfect health condition who nevertheless require some kind of pre-emptive monitoring.   (read more)
Goals and Objectives
Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications SA - Greece
Atkosoft SA - Greece
General Chest-disease Hospital “Sotiria” - Greece
Hospital Clínic i Provincial de Barcelona (HCPB) - Spain
Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele (UHSR) - Italy
Milior SpA - Italy
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